Applique Pattern for Blankets and Bibs - Lazy Bear
Senior Designer: Cony Larsen

Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Applique your blanket or bib before you chrochet around the edge. Follow crochet and hemstitch instructions to do the edge around your bib or blanket.

Step 1
Cut applique pattern pieces out of each respective flannel color, for Ammee's applique bear pattern click here. Blanket stitch each piece following the PDF file 'stitching guide'.
Step 2
Crochet or blanket stitch around the edge of the bib or blanket following Ammee's instruction sheets, or following a crochet guide you might already own. To purchase crochet/hemstitch instructions, click here.
Step 3
With needle and thread, attach bows to your piggy and attach button, make sure to sew your button securely. You may also use a safety pin to hold bows in place, then you can remove them before washing.
Sewing Button: Sew button on opposite corner of loop, note: buttons can be a chocking hazard, make sure you sew it with strong thread and securely.
Supplies: Ammee's Hemstitched Blanket Kit, or Bib Bundles, One 3/4" Polyester Flower Button, you may use any fabric scraps you might already have, or buy 1/8 of a yard of flannel in each of the following colors: dark brown, lite brown,and black.

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What a great sense of accomplishment there is when a crochet project is finally completed! Though a relatively simple technique, blocking is what gives many projects a polished appearance. The process shapes and sets the design and smoothes the stitches into place. Here are some handy tips we've learned over the years about blocking:

First: You should always check the yarn label for any special care instructions. Lots of natural fibers, such as cotton, linen, and wool respond well to steam blocking. However, you shouldn't use steam or heat on mohair or angora. There are also many acrylics and some blends that shouldn't be blocked at all, especially with steam, because they might melt!

Second: You will need a fluffy hand towel or handkerchief, and a padded ironing board. If you prefer, you can substitute a table, or any flat surface that you have padded adequately. 

Steam Blocking is great for lots of crochet projects, our crochet thread is a natural fiber, so this method works well for it.  Holding a steam iron or steamer just above your project, steam the piece thoroughly. Take the dampened fluffy towel or handkerchief, place if over the edge of the project and steam, lift towel and repeat with another section all the way around.  Finally, leave the item in place until it's dry.

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